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Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust

Update June 2019

Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT has now submitted an outline planning application for 15 affordable homes in Netherhay Lane, Drimpton. This is available to view online at

The application was on the agenda of the Broadwindsor Grouped Parish Council meeting in Broadwindsor. on Monday 10 June.  A lively debate ensued between Parish Councillors and around 20 members of the public,  the majority of whom were in favour of the application.

After the public had left the meeting, the Councillor for Seaborough, seconded by a Councillor from Drimpton, proposed that the Parish Council support this planning application.  The proposal was approved unanimously by all.

Update, March 2019

Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust held its AGM in Drimpton Village Hall on Monday, 18 March 2019. The CLT’s Chair, David Leader, brought the membership up-to-date on current project status:  legal negotiations are almost concluded, and the CLT is hopeful that a planning application might be submitted by the end of this month.

Louise Lote, Senior Land Manager with Yarlington Housing Group, gave a presentation highlighting successful CLT projects which they have delivered since 2012 and took questions. The meeting then looked forward to possible future community projects, which might benefit from CLT involvement. Suggestions included provision of light industrial units for local employment, creation of a community orchard, and establishment of a skills exchange register or workshop. Members were invited to submit their ideas for consideration.

Board elections took place. Both David Leader and Jacqui Sewell stood down and were unanimously re-elected. Emma Costin of Drimpton had also been nominated for Board membership and the meeting unanimously approved her appointment.

Here’s a link to the latest newsletter Newsletter_3 March2019

Update, April/May 2018

 We hosted a well attended Community Consultation Event in Drimpton Village Hall on 28 March 2018. Lots of positive and supportive comments were made. Feedback from the community has been included in our discussions as we continue to refine designs for the site with our architects (Trewin Design) and Yarlington Housing Group, with input from our consultant engineer (Barnaby Associates), and advisors Wessex CLTP. We have responded to some of the concerns and queries raised in our latest edition of the BGP CLT News and on our website.

On behalf of the BGP CLT Board, Sheila Hawkins and Steve Chubb recently attended a training event hosted by Wessex CLTP. Sessions covered legal and financial issues and obligations. There was also an interesting presentation from the National CLT Network representative, which included information on the Data Protection Act that comes into effect later in May 2018.

Meanwhile, legal negotiations continue between the CLT and our partners Yarlington Housing Association, and the landowners.

Our latest Newsletter and more information is available on the BGP CLT website at

Update April 2018

Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT hosted a community consultation event in Drimpton Village Hall on Wednesday 28 March. Trewin Design Architects displayed drawings, elevations and 3-D sketches of the draft designs for the proposed development of 15 affordable homes at the 1.5 acre site on Netherhay Lane. Members of the CLT committee were on hand to listen to and respond to queries about the design proposals, the possibility of shared ownership homes, and how to become eligible to rent one of the properties. Around 70 people attended the event, and many took the opportunity to provide their feedback over a cup of tea. These views will considered by the CLT committee and development team, and in due course will be submitted as part of any planning application that is made.

Our thanks to all who attended and made this event a success by having their say.

Further information about the CLT and the draft design proposals are available to view on our website at:

Update, February 2018

Community Consultation Event

BGP CLT invites all members of the Group Parish communities to a community consultation event to be held in Drimpton Village Hall on Wednesday 28 March 2018. Please drop in for a chat any time from 3pm until 7pm. We will be displaying draft design plans and other information about the proposed site at Netherhay Lane for you to view and comment on. Members of the CLT Committee along with architects Trewin Design will be available to respond to queries and gather comments.

Meanwhile, legal negotiations are on-going between the CLT and our partners Yarlington Housing Association, and the landowners.

More information is available on the BGP CLT website at .

Update, January 2018

Members of BGP CLT, committee members and parish councillors were invited to a site visit of the almost complete development of Lyme Regis CLT at Timber Hill. The afternoon was bright and sunny, the views wonderful, and the development impressive. It is of particular interest as the site is the same size (1.5 acres) with the same number of housing units (15) as that proposed by BGP CLT for Drimpton. In addition, the development partner is Yarlington Housing Group, who has the same role with BGP CLT. All present were impressed by the well laid out site, and the quality of finishes, both internally and externally.

Discussions continue between BGP CLT, our appointed architects (Trewin Design), Yarlington Housing Group, our appointed engineer (Barnaby Associates) and our advisors Wessec CLT Projects to progress the site layout plans at the proposed site at Netherhay Lane, Drimpton.

BGP CLT will hold its Annual General Meeting (for CLT members only) on Tuesday, 30 January 2018 in Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor. The meeting starts at 7.30pm with doors open from 7.15pm. Steve Watson of Wessex CLT Projects will give a presentation on successful CLT projects in Dorset and the South West. Louise Lote of Yarlington Housing Group will be in attendance to respond to any queries about affordable rents, shared ownership and other housing association related issues.

More information is available on the BGP CLT website at .

Update Oct 2017

In June the Planning Officer at WDDC supported an outline design  option for the proposed development of up to 15 affordable houses for rent at the proposed 1.5 acre site at Netherhay Lane, Drimpton. All aspects of the development, such as an on-site sewage treatment plant, will be contained within the constraints of the site, and will present a good street scene on to Netherhay Lane. Negotiations are on-going between the Broadwindsor Group Parish CLT, our development partner (Yarlington Housing Group), the landowners and their agents concerning an Options Agreement and land transfer.

Update June 2017

After a long delay,  a meeting took place on 25 May with Dorset County Partnerships planning department in Dorchester to discuss the pre-application proposal that BGP CLT submitted for the Drimpton site in March.

This meeting was attended by members of the BGP CLT committee, our advisors from Wessex CLT Projects, Yarlington Housing Group and architects Trewin Design. T

he senior planner was happy in principle with the site location, and the proposed development in general. The CLT was requested to submit additional  alternative design options for further discussion.  These are in the process of being drawn up and will be submitted shortly. The CLT will be meeting again with the landowners shortly.

Membership of BGP SLT is growing and we would very much encourage others living within the Broadwindsor Group Parish area who have an interest in affordable housing to join the CLT. Membership forms are available on our website  or from any committee member.

Update, March 2017

Site feasibility surveys of the proposed site at Netherhay Lane, Drimpton, were completed during February.

Trewin Design will submit a revised layout plan to Dorset County Partnerships for pre-application discussion with planners. This meeting is expected to take place around the end of March.

The CLT’s preferred option would be to install an on-site sewerage system for this development. This would not impact on the mains sewer in view of the problems currently experienced in Marksmead and Oxhayes in Drimpton.

Dorset Council Partnerships’ housing need information indicates that there are currently 14 households registered within the Broadwindsor Group Parish area. A draft allocation plan specific to this site is being developed by the CLT and Yarlington Housing Group. This will be for properties to rent and shared ownership properties and will outline priorities and provide definitions of ‘local connections’.

A quarterly newsletter – BGP CLT  News is now available on our website (see link below) as well as on the parish council, Broadwindsor and Drimpton websites. Copies are also available from Broadwindsor Community Stores, the pubs and village halls in Broadwindsor and Drimpton and Kittwhistle Garage.

Members of BGP CLT will be providing a presentation on the project at the Broadwindsor Group Parish Council Annual meeting on 15 May at Drimpton Village Hall.

More information is available on the BGP CLT website at

For the March 2017 Newsletter please download the following pdf: Newsletter_1 March2017 F

Update, February 2017

Site feasibility surveys of the proposed Netherhay Lane site in Drimpton should be completed by the end of February. This information will inform the initial layout design sketches by Trewin Design Architects, to form the basis for discussions with planning and highways departments at Dorset County Partnerships.

Once the proposed layout plans are at a more detailed stage, BGP CLT will hold a public consultation meeting during the summer of 2017 at which proposed layout plans will be on display and comments invited from the local communities.

The CLT will also host a housing ‘clinic’ at which Yarlington Housing Group and Dorset Councils Partnership’s Housing Enabling Officer will be present to respond to questions on the housing register, tenancy, and shared ownership.

The CLT’s  engineering consultant (Barnaby Associates) has had initial discussions with Highways department, who have indicated that they do not wish to have a pavement installed on Netherhay Lane, and that any entrance splay to the development should be designed for mixed use (traffic and pedestrian). As there is an existing regular bus service along Netherhay Lane, there is the possibility of negotiating for the bus stop to be moved into the development entrance, causing minimal disturbance to the current road layout arrangements.

The CLT has highlighted the issue of sewerage problems currently experienced in Drimpton. Our preferred option would be to install an on-site sewerage system for this development, which would not impact on the mains sewer. This would be similar to the successful arrangements in place in the Bramble Hay development in Marshwood.

Dorset Councils Partnership is in the process of collating housing need information for the Broadwindsor Group Parish area.  The CLT, along with development partner Yarlington Housing Group, is developing a housing allocation plan, covering priorities and definitions of ‘local connections’.

Dorset Councils Partnership will receive an allocation from central government’s Community Housing fund. BGP CLT will be able to apply to this for capital grant funding for the next stage of the project, to develop a planning application.

A video showing an example of another rural CLT project in Devon (Christow CLT) was shared by Wesex CLT Projects. Click here to see it.

BGP CLT will publish its first quarterly Newsletter in March.

More information is available on the BGP CLT website at

December 2016 was a busy month, with important appointments being made to progress the CLT project. Following a selection process, we are pleased to announce that:

  • Yarlington Housing Group has been confirmed as BGP CLT’s preferred development partner ( ). They have proven experience of working with CLTs (e.g. in Lyme Regis, Devon and Somerset).
  • Trewin Design Architects has been chosen to work with us on the initial feasibility stage of the project ( ). They have extensive experience on working with CLTs in the South West and on rural Exception sites.
  • Anthony Collins Solicitors has been appointed to undertake the legal work for the feasibility stage of the project. Again, this firm has much proven experience of working in the CLT sector.

We look forward to working with these companies on our project.

Several feasibility surveys of the proposed site in Drimpton are being undertaken during January 2017, and will include:

  • Topological Survey
  • Land Survey (ground conditions and drainage)
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Ecological Survey
  • Tree Survey

These will inform the initial sketch designs for up to 15 houses, to include 1-bed, 2-bed and 3-bed homes, some of which will be shared ownership homes.

BGP CLT has received Community Building Feasibility grant funding from Homes & Communities Agency to cover the site feasibility work, and from Dorset County Partnerships to cover the legal costs.

More information is available on the BGP CLT website at .



During October, the BGP CLT Steering Group received approval for grant funding towards legal services from West Dorset District Council. Once the funding has been received, a firm of solicitors will be selected.

Tenders have been received from contractors to undertake a number of site feasibility surveys on the preferred site. This information has enabled us to submit of an application for Community Building Feasibility grant funding.

Expressions of interest have also been received from two housing associations to work with us as partners on this project. Interviews to select a preferred partner will take place during November.

At a special AGM meeting of members of BGP CLT, held in Comrades Hall on 15 November 2016, all members of the steering group stood down. Three board members, who had been nominated and seconded, were then elected by the membership: David Leader (chair), Jacqui Sewell (treasurer) and Sheila Hawkins (secretary).

The five remaining members of the steering group have expressed willingness to serve on the management committee and will be co-opted to this by the board members at the next board meeting: Ken Banks, Nick Bellorini, Steve Chubb, Philip Coltart and Lesley Tibballs. No other nominations were received.

Also at the special AGM, David Hitchcock (Chair of Marshwood CLT) spoke to members about the benefits to the wider community of CLT projects as well as outlining some of the issues that can arise during the course of a project.

More information is available on the BGP CLT website at .



Update, October 2016

At the public meeting held in Drimpton in September, the majority of those attending were in support of the proposal to develop a maximum of 15 affordable homes for rent to families and those with a strong local connection to the Group Parish Council area. With this mandate, the BGP CLT is proceeding with the contract tender process for site feasibility work, which involves a number of surveys – topographical, trees, ecological, groundworks, and landscape design.   The CLT is also seeking expressions of interest from architectural practices and housing associations. Once the design team is in place, we will be working closely with them to achieve sustainability and designs in keeping with the rural nature of the site and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Landscape design will be a very important element in this process. Outline plans will be presented to the local community at public meetings in due course.

We have a growing number of supporters who have joined the BGP CLT as members.  We would welcome anyone from within the Broadwindsor Group Parish area to join us through the purchase of Shares at a cost of £1.00p each. More information about the BGP CLT’s objectives, summaries of meeting discussions, and membership can be found on our website at .

The Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust will hold an Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 15 November in Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor starting at 7.30pm. At this meeting, which is open to Members only, the current Steering Group will stand down and new members of the Board will be elected.