A pub with no beer

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A Dorset Year

The village square is on its knees.

Tumbleweed drifts slowly by the old village stores, where the blinds have been pulled for a couple of years now.

Across the road, the shop last used a few months ago by the church on Saturday mornings, as a gathering place for coffees and a natter, has its windows whitened out.

The jackdaws gather. Ominously.

And not a drop of water comes out of the old pump under the signpost.

In a new development, the downstairs windows of the pub were boarded up on Monday. Six workmen waited outside for an hour until they could get in and seal off our hostelry from the outside world.

In the last sixteen years, I’ve never seen that happen in between landlords (and we’ve had nine of them in that time). Let’s hope it signals a refurbishment and not closure.

We need our pub.

In the…

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One thought on “A pub with no beer

    natamagat said:
    September 6, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    So sad to see our village pub close after so much hard work from Richard, Kate and their team to keep it at the centre of village life. A big thanks to them to give it such a good try and for such a warm welcome when we went for a drink or a meal. As a newcomer to the village it made a massive difference, thank you.
    And well done to Andrew, Margery et al to open up the pop up in the Comrades Hall.

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