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Broadwindsor Group Parish Community Land Trust

Update, February 2017

Site feasibility surveys of the proposed Netherhay Lane site in Drimpton should be completed by the end of February. This information will inform the initial layout design sketches by Trewin Design Architects, to form the basis for discussions with planning and highways departments at Dorset County Partnerships.

Once the proposed layout plans are at a more detailed stage, BGP CLT will hold a public consultation meeting during the summer of 2017 at which proposed layout plans will be on display and comments invited from the local communities.

The CLT will also host a housing ‘clinic’ at which Yarlington Housing Group and Dorset Councils Partnership’s Housing Enabling Officer will be present to respond to questions on the housing register, tenancy, and shared ownership.

The CLT’s  engineering consultant (Barnaby Associates) has had initial discussions with Highways department, who have indicated that they do not wish to have a pavement installed on Netherhay Lane, and that any entrance splay to the development should be designed for mixed use (traffic and pedestrian). As there is an existing regular bus service along Netherhay Lane, there is the possibility of negotiating for the bus stop to be moved into the development entrance, causing minimal disturbance to the current road layout arrangements.

The CLT has highlighted the issue of sewerage problems currently experienced in Drimpton. Our preferred option would be to install an on-site sewerage system for this development, which would not impact on the mains sewer. This would be similar to the successful arrangements in place in the Bramble Hay development in Marshwood.

Dorset Councils Partnership is in the process of collating housing need information for the Broadwindsor Group Parish area.  The CLT, along with development partner Yarlington Housing Group, is developing a housing allocation plan, covering priorities and definitions of ‘local connections’.

Dorset Councils Partnership will receive an allocation from central government’s Community Housing fund. BGP CLT will be able to apply to this for capital grant funding for the next stage of the project, to develop a planning application.

A video showing an example of another rural CLT project in Devon (Christow CLT) was shared by Wesex CLT Projects. Click here to see it.

BGP CLT will publish its first quarterly Newsletter in March.

More information is available on the BGP CLT website at


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