Are you an artist who’d like to sell your work?

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P1040294 Ruff and Tumble


Would you be interested in participating in a proposed sale of art? Many people produce quality pieces of fine art as a hobby.  Over the months and years, these can accumulate and begin to take over the house.

While professional artists will have access to galleries and shops in order to shift their work (and rightly so, as their livelihood can depend on it), amateur artists often resort to off-loading their work as gifts to friends and family, throwing it away or simply storing it.  However, other people would often be interested in purchasing some of the work if they had the chance to see it.

The idea behind this sale of art would be that of a table-top sale, rather than a formal exhibition.  The initial concepts are:

Place:  Comrades’ Hall, Broadwindsor

Date:  August 6-7 2016 (first weekend in August),

Time: 10 am – 4 pm daily (art drop-off between 7.30- 8.30 am on Saturday)

Cost for submitting artwork: £20 per artist

Entering your artwork for the sale would cost £20 for the weekend.  Any amount of artwork may be submitted, and will be displayed mostly on tables for the public to peruse.  There will be one cash desk dealing with all transactions.  The artist will be responsible for labelling and pricing all sale items.  The entry fee would help cover the costs of the sale, and any leftover funds at the end of the day would be donated to the Comrades’ Hall. Each artist receives 100% of the selling fee on any work sold. Art would need to be dropped off by 8.30am on Saturday 6th August at the latest, fully labelled and priced. Unsold art would have to be collected between 4-5pm on Sunday 7th August.  Anyone wishing to sell but unable to attend would be able to drop off early with one of the organisers by arrangement.

Entry to the sale, for customers, will be free.

Refreshments will be available to purchase throughout the day:  hot drinks, cakes and filled rolls.

This is just an attempt to gauge interest at the moment, to see if enough artists are interested in participating to make the sale viable. The sale is open to amateur and professional fine artists and sculptors living, studying art or working in the Broadwindsor area.  Prints or greetings card reproduced from original works are very welcome, but please note this is not a “craft show”, so no ‘hand-made’ cards or knitwear, etc, please!

Whenever possible, we will communicate by email.  To register interest (no obligation) in this sale of art, please fill in the slip below and return it to either Lesley or Donna as soon as possible ( before 30th May), or email or phone.

Lesley Tibballs, 20 Redlands Lane, Broadwindsor, DT8           01308 867015

Donna Heys, Conegar Farm, Hollis Hill, Broadwindsor DT8 3QS       01308 868368


I would like to register my interest in submitting art for the sale.  Please contact me when details are finalised.  I understand at this point I am under no obligation.





Email                                                     Telephone

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