Broadwindsor Neighbourhood Plan Committee public meetings

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DSC04201The Neighbourhood Plan Committee invites all residents of the Broadwindsor Group Parish to attend two meetings:

  • 9 February at Comrades Hall, Broadwindsor
  • 23 February at Drimpton Village Hall

Both meetings start at 7.30pm.

Planning policies are very important in deciding what will or will not get planning permission.

The new Local Plan for West Dorset has set strategic policies for this area. The policies differentiate between towns, larger villages, smaller villages with 200+ population and all other areas (countryside).

Our neighbourhood plan needs to be in general conformity with national and local strategic policies. The plan can change things, such as amending/adding to settlement boundaries, allocating sites for development; it may include design guidelines and designate green spaces.

A neighbourhood plan is not a tool to stop development that would otherwise be allowed, but it does put us, members of the community, in the ‘driving seat’ to decide where and how to meet local needs and what issues and places to focus on; it must be realistic and deliverable.

The meetings are to collate everybody’s views and opinions on what to consider for the neighbourhood plan.

Items to be covered at the meetings will include:

Local needs:

  • Housing / Business / Social / Transport / Other Infrastructure

The assets we need to protect:

  • Landscape / Heritage / Character / Wildlife / Community Facilities.

Places that could be changed for the better and provide development opportunities.

Please put your thinking caps on so that we can make good use of these meetings to enable our plan to evolve to serve our community and future generations well.

The Neighbourhood Plan Committee needs your input to ensure that this happens.

For more information please contact either: Rowland Hibbard  on 01460 30269 or Steve Chubb  on 01308 868385.

If you are unable to attend a meeting your ideas are still welcome, please send them to either of the contacts above.

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