Superfast broadband is now available in Broadwindsor and Drimpton!

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By Thomas Briscoe

Communications & Marketing Officer for Superfast Dorset, Dorset County Council

Faster, more reliable broadband is now available to the majority of residents and businesses in Broadwindsor and Drimpton thanks to the Superfast Dorset programme. If you haven’t already made the change to benefit from faster speeds, now is the time to check with your provider to see what is on offer at your property.

Although Superfast Dorset has started work in Broadwindsor and some of the surrounding areas, this does not mean that all of the work has been completed. There is still more work to come that will affect the north of Broadwindsor as well as many of the surrounding areas in the parish. This work will be taking place from 2016, and it will allow us to connect even more places. To see if you are able to upgrade to faster, more reliable broadband, please check by visiting

If you find that you are not yet able to receive a superfast broadband connection, you can sign up to be notified by the Superfast Dorset team when a service becomes available. To receive a notification email, sign up here

Your broadband speeds will not automatically improve. You will have to contact an internet service provider and ask to be upgraded to a ‘superfast’ or ‘fibre’ broadband service. For a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade to faster and more reliable broadband, please visit

The arrival of better broadband brings many benefits to communities. Faster upload and download speeds allow business to grow and thrive. Businesses can benefit from a greater reach than ever before, connecting with customers on a global scale. File sharing also becomes much faster which can have a huge impact on how resources are shared both internally and externally. For residents, better broadband means that staying connected with friends and family becomes easier. The improved speeds allow for a more reliable and better quality connection when on a video call. Online tasks such as shopping and paying bills become quicker and easier too. Streaming online videos requires far less time buffering than it would on a standard broadband connection.

Be aware that superfast broadband is now cheaper than ever. It is worth taking the time to seek out broadband packages that may include other services such as television services. You may find that some internet service providers do not offer a fibre service in your area despite providing a standard broadband package.

If you need help getting online or want to improve your digital skills, free support is available. Visit to see what’s on, or to meet a digital champion who can help you get online.

To check coverage in your area or find out how you can help spread the word so your whole community can make the most of the new service visit our website

Already benefitting from superfast broadband? We want to hear your story! Get in touch with the team via the website. And if you have any other questions or requests for materials to distribute in your community, please contact the team via the website.

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