Play equipment for the under-fives

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The old train is being removed from the play area on Bernards’ Place.  What would you like to see in its place? Make sure you let the Comrades Hall sub-committee know by Saturday 12 April. Read on for more details:

Making Bernards’ Place a safe, fun, recreational area for under fives

The Comrades Hall will be receiving some funding to purchase new play equipment at Bernards’ Place for the pleasure of children under the age of five.

This plan fully acknowledges that Bernards’ Place is a recreational area for all of the people of Broadwindsor and as such the equipment will be confined to specific areas.

A sub-committee of the Comrades Hall Management Committee has chosen several affordable and viable alternatives. Photographs of the equipment and plans can be viewed around the village, in the village shop, on the parish noticeboard, in the church shop and on the Comrades Hall noticeboard.

Let them know what you think by ticking your choice from the list below. They also welcome your comments.

PLEASE RETURN TO LESLEY TIBBALLS by placing in the envelope in the village shop or at 20 Redlands Lane, Broadwindsor by April 12 2015.


  1. The Fortuna play centre with swing nests, ladders etc.
  2. The Larslaj Activity Train
  3. The Fortuna plus Honeycomb Springer and Honeycomb Carousel.
  4. The Larslaj Train plus Honeycomb Springer and Honeycomb Carousel.
  5. None of the above.



Age group.  Please circle one.

0-18        19-29         30-49         50-69         70+


Contact number or email: _________________________


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