Right to bid meeting

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Around 80 people attended the meeting at Comrades Hall on 11 March to decide whether to show interest in bidding for the old Broadwindsor Stores in the Square.

The committee outlined what the Right to Bid process entailed and outlined the pros and cons of moving or staying in the current shop in the old telephone exchange.

One of the problems is not knowing when the property in the Square will come to market or its asking price. Fraser Hughes, the chairman of the shop committee, set out the tasks that would be required if a bid was to be made. He said it would certainly mean more money would need to be raised from the community as well as seeking grants and loans. Any bid would have to be in submitted by 7 August with the funds in place.

The meeting was opened up for comment. The vast majority was very satisfied with the current shop, its operation and the service it provided. A number of concerns were expressed about a move back to the Square.

A show of hands was in favour of retaining the status quo, but the committee felt it owed it to the community to find out more before rejecting the opportunity to bid.

It has therefore decided to advise West Dorset District Council that it wishes to be considered a potential bidder.

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