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Screen Bites

November 1

Big Night

Two Italian immigrant brothers from Abruzzo run the Paradise 
restaurant on the Jersey Shore in the 1950s in this story of ambition, 
adultery and duplicity. Brilliant chef Primo is frustrated by the 
demand for American food. His brother Secondo wants to 
compromise. The restaurant is failing. Then mediocre competitor 
Pascal offers to invite singer, trumpeter and actor Louis Prima to 
visit Paradise, a celebrity endorsement that would ensure its success, 
and the brothers spend all their money on ingredients to ensure a ‘big 
night’ for them and their friends.

Starring Minnie Driver, Stanley Tucci, Ian Holm, Isabella Rossellini, Tony Shalhoub

 Doors open at 7pm.    

Tickets £8.  Tickets available on the door.

Visit or telephone 01963 32525 for tickets and further information

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