Your village needs YOU!

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Residents will soon be shortly receiving their Parish Plan Bulletin which gives an update on what has happened since the plan was published.

Progress has been made on many issues, but certain goals won’t be achieved unless more people volunteer to get involved. It is not too late to volunteer so if you feel you can offer in some way please contact 

The parish plan committee hopes to put together a directory of organisations in the parish by the end of the year . If you would like your club etc to be included, please send details of your group, including name of organisation, who to contact, telephone number and email address, to the email above. The directory will cover a wide range of organisations including churches, shops, tourist attractions etc and should prove a useful reference for existing and new households in the parish.

The shop continues to prosper with the holiday trade helping boost turnover. If you have a holiday cottage to rent and would like to have a leaflet to go in your compendium please call in at the shop and get one. What is quite remarkable is that it now stocks more than 1,600 items. No wonder people refer to it as a tardis.

The shop committee is making a real effort to buy local where possible, so if you know a local firm which has something to offer pop in and tell Sue and she will follow it up. It seems the shop is drawing customers from further afield and it is widely talked about in official circles as what a community can achieve.

Apart from customers, the shop’s most valuable asset is the volunteers and it can always do with more. If you have a few hours to spare, are new to the village, or would like to get more involved in village life why not become one? Either drop in to find out more, or call Mandy on 868684. Most shifts are of a manageable two hours and you will be properly trained.

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