Parish Plan update

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It is a year ago that the Parish Plan was published and later this month you will receive through your letterbox an update on progress on the action points. Remembering that the timescale for a number of the actions was over three years significant progress has been made, as you will read.

Amongst the successes to date are, progress on speed limits, saving Common Water Lane from destruction, a working group on broadband and mobile communications, recycling of plastic and garden waste (2014), the saving of First Responders, and of course the opening of the village shop. These have been achieved because residents have come forward to help as individuals or groups. If we can extend this to other projects we can achieve even more.

 The Community Shop goes from strength to strength and sales targets are being exceeded. New products are being introduced all the time and customers are commenting that they are able to find items that they cannot find in the more illustrious supermarkets!

Sue and Jane are proving wonderful staff and volunteers are seemingly enjoying their role. Thank you to everyone who is shopping with us and making the venture so successful. 

Fraser Hughes

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